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After reading through lots of discussions in the archives on replacing with a-arm tubular kits vs rebuilding my front suspension I decided on rebuilding using the existing control arms, delrin bushings, proforged ball joints, including the .5" taller top ball joint, Eaton springs and Bilstein shocks. However, I just got the lower arm out and it looks like this:

View attachment 293776

Someone clearly enlarged the lower spring pocket and I suspect it was to fit in the giant 'Bruiser Gas XD' shocks that came out:

View attachment 293775

It seems unwise to put these lower arms back in. But if it's really not a problem let me know.

If I have to buy new lower arms anyway, is it worth backtracking and reconsidering a full tubular kit? Is picking up just tubular lowers a good idea? Is there a good source of quality stamped steel arms?

Thanks for any advice or recommendations. If there are brands of a-arms to avoid that would be good to know too.

I wouldn’t use that one, because it’s missing structural integrity.
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