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Sorry,another dynamat type post

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Ok, i went through the search here, read through the advice and comments regarding the sound/heat barrier products. I have spent more time looking at this stuff than it took me to buy the dang' car.
Heat rejection is first for me then the sound. Do I need three layers of Dynamat products? It is alot of money and better work or I will have to put my wife in the car and weld the doors shut so a cannot hear the screaming. Seems there should be one product that kills the heat and does a good job at muzzling "some" of the noise. Damplifier seems to be what I am leaning to. I am not knocking the following but I do not want to go with Home Depot stuff or paint on.:(
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Here is what I plan to use when I get there. Quite a bit cheaper than Dynamat.
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