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We'll be there Thursday--I've been going for 12 years now. Great show.

My 2 cents on the show:
--Thursday is the best day to go if you are just shopping for parts. Friday has become way too crowded and is just like Christmas Eve at the mall--not much fun at all.

--The cheapest food is outside the gate at one of the vendors. I really don't like the food in the food court. Too expensive and it doesn't taste too good...

--If you get there early enough (0730-ish) you can find free street parking.

--D&R gives decent show discounts on parts (10% to 20%)

--The cars in the car corral are usually very overpriced--I call it the "Carlisle tax" and it seems to run about 20% over non-show prices. The Camaros there have been pretty sad lately with most of them either full of bondo or Z-28 wannabees.

-- Ebay has consumed most of the good parts deals but there are still some deals to be had. The vendors snatch most of them up on Wednesday during set-up but there are often still some left on Thursday morning.

Have fun and hope for good weather!
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