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thats great you guys are coaching, my wife and i were coaching and we were also president and vice for 5 yrs. with our youth soccer program, im also a lic ref. the kids will grow up thats great you guys are involved cause a lot of parents just want to sit back and complain about the refs and the game, with your program starting up..please support your refs. and keep your parents on your teams in line.. cause it really is a tuff job to be a ref. even in youth not suprised anymore on how all these parents and coaches act in these games.. we have had some major problems here fights, police called out, exc.,and us having to stop games..and im sure this goes out to other states on how some of these parents and coaches act..not saying that your program gets as bad as ours..but i hope that others will read this and help support there refs. sorry to go off topic on your thread but i wanted to put the word out for all our refs. im real glad to hear your keeping the Camaro! :thumbsup: ..Thank-you Chris :) ..
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