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I recently purchased a 4K car. The car appears to have all the original suspension on it. The 396 is not currently in the car but there is a 454 stuffed in there.

The suspension was quite spongie, so I replaced the front and rear shocks with adjustable Competition shocks. 90/10 on fronts, 50/50 rear.

I also added Caltracs to the rear to reduce wheel hop (worked great!).

The front still feels quite spongie. When I press down on the front quarter, it really drops. I have a RS/SS small block car and it feel quite a bit stiffer in the front.

Should I look at replacing the springs?

This car spent most of it's life as a quarter mile car with an LS7/M21/3:55:1 drive train in it.

I would like to improve the launch while maintaining street-ability.

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Here is the big question, what are your plans for this car?

If you plan to race it then Id leave it alone if it works to your needs.

If you want it a street car, I'd get rid of those 90/10's and a stiffer spring.

Right now in my big block Camaro, I'm using Moog 6308 with two links cut off but I'm thinking about switching to Moog 6314 to make it looser up front.

My car is strictly drag and I'm using Calvert 90/10 shocks.
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