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I finally got around to tackling the rear disc brake conversion. I have SSBC disc kit upfront and am using the a125-37 kit in the rear.

Here is the low down on this kit:

This kit is designed to be used on staggered/non staggered vehicles so it will work on any of the 1st gen camaros.

The instructions are like many have said... really not the best, luckily the installation part is not that hard. As to the e-brake and so forth I am not that far in the over all project yet.

The instructions refer to bolt sizes in the parts list that are incorrect, so do not freak out if the instructions say 12mm and its a 3/4 bolt. :confused:

Anyways the part that everyone with staggered shocks always deal with is caliper location. The instructions did not cover what to do if it was a staggered shock situation, and actually said the kit was for non staggered shocks only.

I contacted the vendor and told them what I thought of their instructions or lack of a qualified tech writer.

The solution for us with staggered shocks is simply staggering the caliper location. Rotate the bracket so the caliper is on the side opposite of that shock mounting location. Think of the disc brake as a clock and if your facing it on the driver/passenger sides for a 68 + (staggered shock car) then you need to have the calipers at 10:00.

If on a 67 camaro then the driver side would be @ 1:00 and the passenger side would be @ 10:00.

As to quality of parts: the parts all look nice andthe calipers are nice looking. I did have an issue with some of the lock nuts provided... I either got a bad batch or their lock nuts are crap cause I had 3 of 8 strip! They say to torque these lil buggers to 40lbs which is alot of such a small bolt. Anyways I had a bunch of metal lock nuts on hand and used them instead of the cheap nylon type lock nuts they provided. Other than those little issues with the nuts there was no issues and it was a saturday project.
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