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I just got aan 86 camaro when bought had a smoking 305 in it. I replace with a small block 400 and after 2 weeks of working on thought was ready for street and strip. Now my problem...I have replace starter 3 times. Every time starts okay for about 5 or six times then start having problems. Starter doesnt seem to want to engage. I can click key over 5 or 6 times and it grinds or misses then finally catches. Anyone had same problem that maybe can tell me how they fixed this problem. Have been told that there are 3 different starters to this motor but my parts stores in my town only show one. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

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Buy a shim kit and shim the starter out a little. Sounds like the starter pinion gear is too close to the flywheel gear.
There should be .030" clearance from the tip of the starter gear tooth to the root of the flywheel ring gear tooth.
If the flywheel gear is all chewed up you may need to change it. Auto transmission shops are good a doing it if you don't want to tackle it yourself.

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