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I'm rebuilding my '68'vert..
All new wiring, crate engine, MSD-HEI, hi-torque mini-starter, etc..
I bought the American Autowire kit and everything looks good so far, but....
I could use a few opinions on this..

I found a nice diagram in the tech area of what it should look like.
My AAW looks like this, 4 wires, which also matches my '68-AIM.
  1. Red battery cable (2 gauge wire, not show)
  2. "S" wire (purple-starter switch)
  3. "I" wire (yellow-ignition coil)
  4. Oil pressure sensor (push boot-spade)
My starter came from Jegs, #555-10004

Am I crazy, or do I need to snip the loop terminal off the purple wire,
solder on a special water-proof spade connector ??? (where the hell do I get this? see starter pic)
which will plug in below the battery cable.

..and just cut-off and tape up the yellow wire, (not used)..?
does this look right to you guys?
thoughts? comments?

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That's pretty much what you need to do.

I wonder if your starter manufacurer / vendor carries specific connector for this, or can tell you what exactly you need? It looks like a "normal" female spade would physically fit and work, but I'm guessing the correct connector is not only weatherproof but also has some sort of locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnects.
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