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got column back together problem is rod that
hooks to switch assembly not lining up when
you put it in assembly you have to put a
lot of presure to push it down so you can
bolt to column is this normal


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Not sure which year Camaro you're talking about but I'm assuming you're talking about the ingition switch and activating rod. Without a picture it's hard to describe but the switch should be in the Lock position before assembling the switch and rod onto the column.

Holding the ignition switch with the mounting tab facing you, the black slider switch inside should be pushed all the way to the left before putting it together with the column and rod.
The other end of the rod goes into the brass Rack gear inside the turn-signal housing. The ingition key turns a white, plastic sector gear which moves the brass rack gear, pulling and pushing the rod.

The ignition switch is adjustable back and forth on the column so you should be able to get it together with no problem.

When I put mine back together, I remember it being a bitch to get the Rack gear and the white sector gears lined back up just right. They only go together correctly one way BUT it's easy to mis-align them. If they're not positioned correctly to begin with, the rest of the system will be screwed up. The assembly manual doesn't go into this kind of detail so I was on my own.

Good luck!
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