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Has anybody used these heads 194 ? Are they a decent Stock replacement head ? I have a set of smogger 882's on 400 sbc. (1 is cracked). Are these better worse ? Looking for stock replacement. Seems like a good price, but are they junk ?

I found them at Scoggin-Dickey.

Assembled Cast Iron 350 Heads:
Price: $169.50
Part # SD194 Valve Diameter I/E: 1940"/ 1.500"
Chamber CC: 76cc
Intake Port CC: 156cc
Spark Plug Type: Straight
Spark Plug Size: 14mm
Spark Plug Reach: 0.460"
Spark Plug Part #:RV9YC
Valve Spring Diameter: 1.250"
Max. Lift: 0.480"
These brand new assembled heads are complete and ready to bolt on. They are take-offs from the new GM Goodwrench 350 Engine. The cast iron heads may require minor cleaning of the gasket surfaces prior to assembly of your
engine. Excellent stock replacement and mild performance heads for use on carbureted engines. Price is for one head.

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The 194's are just a plain, stock head. I think they run them on the "less than 300 HP" group of engines. They will work on a stock motor, but you will have to change them if you want to hop up the motor later.

Just a thought, but for a few bucks more, you can have the base Vortec head and have room to grow. You will have to get the Vortec intake too though.

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Thanks Guys,

I've looked at the Vortecs, but there is more
to them then just bolt on... rockers,intake, valve covers, etc.etc etc. plus I have to watch my CR...the Vortecs are 64 cc ...194's
76 cc.

The sb400 is going to eventually need a rebuild soon, but for right now the car is
just sitting, instead of crusin.

I think a set of World Sportman II are in the
future, along with a Comp Cam 268H grind.
Mild 400.
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