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i own a '98 v6 camaro with manual 5 speed transmission.
I have a strange noise when the engine is running @1200-1300rpm.
it happens (or not) under the following conditions:
car rolling, 1200 rpm, no gear/1st gear, clutch pedal pressed: no noise
car standing, 1200 rpm, no gear/1st gear, clutch pedal pressed: no noise

car rolling, 1200 rpm, any gear, clutch pedal not pressed: noise
car standing, 1200 rpm, 1st gear(or any), handbrake pulled to max, clutch pedal half pressed (slipping clutch): noise

The clutch is not very old (8000 miles or so, ~1 year), I had it replaced when my clutch slave cylinder leaked and got replaced. The car itself has about 90k miles on it.

A sample of that noise can be found at noise.mp3
The mic was placed above the transmission tunnel near the shift knob.
standing still, handbrake pulled, 1st gear about 1200rpm and releasing the clutch pedal slightly until noise appeared and engine had load.

I tried to find the source but had no luck. It does not seem that the exhaust pipes have contact with the body, everywhere is at least 1/2 inch space.

But I found that the part where clutch slave cylinder is connected to the hydraulic line it is some kind of loose, it can be moved around and might touch the transmission case. is that normal?
This is how it looks like:

according to the first image, it should not be moveable at all, but I might be wrong.

I'm open for suggestions.

Greets Sash

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dont worry about the master to slave, it does have a lot of play in it

it sounds like you need to replace the TO bearing, or slave though
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