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strip clear coat

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Has anyone had success in stripping only the clearcoat without also stripping the paint? I have a vehicle that has bad clearcoat, but the undercoat is great.
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yes buff it out but not to burn paint use alot of polish remover i think but not 100 percent sure body guy did it on my van with a machine and with polish took all clear off and sprayed new coat of clear on without repainting.
Bad as in failing (peeling) in same places? If so, it needs to be completely stripped.
If it is peeling then I would plan on new paint... If it is just faded then you can either buff the snot out of it or scuff the clear and paint on top of it. I've done both...
The clearcoat is peeling. The vehicle was in an accident a few years ago and the hood was replaced. It is the hood on which the clearcoat is now peeling. The factory paint and clearcoat are in great shape.
unless they just blended the hood for color matching purposes there willl be some place on the hood where the base coat is sanded. If not try 2 inch masking tape or duct tape to pull it off. good luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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