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summit fuel pressure guage

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i installed a liquid filled summit fuel pressure gauge in-line by the carburetor, the small 1 1/2" guage. my problem is fuel pressure seems to drop to 2 or even one sometimes at idle, other times 6-7, although the car runs fine on the road. i was thinking the gauge is the problem, i have tthe edelbrock street pump on the car. anyone have any experience with the summit guage? David

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As my fuel filter started plugging I would see the same thing. I'm not saying the gauge is not the problem but my car would seem to run OK, too. It's a cheap and not bad idea anyhow to change your filter and see if the pressure improves. I also removed the sock in the tank as it was catching stuff also. I'd rather rely on the inline filter. I wound up getting an Autometer electric pressure gauge and mounted it in the car.

Rick Dorion
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67FREAK, yes, I know exactly what you mean.

I tried 3 Summit liquid filled gauges...I'm not bashing, but IMHO they are junk. Off-shore imported....

I got a Russell gauge now and it works great.

Also Holley makes a decent one.

Don~ ZZ430DropTop
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Yepper just bought one myself. installed it and had 3 lbs/in^2 @ idle. Took out the little threaded plug and got 7.5 or so but i would watch the pressure drop as everything got warm. Piece of junk.
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