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Suspension questions - Hotchkis 80015 HP TVS + opinions

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Good day all-
Have a 68 convertible that started life as a 6cyl now has 350/350T non ac.
Am confident the front has 6cyl coils , and the rear does has multi leaf with traction bars.
It sits too high and floats a LOT on the front.
Looking to spend under 2k- with self install for a new

Currently the center of wheel hub to fender lip is 16inch in the rear and 1 in the front.

1- suggestions on what to purchase ?
2 - I listed the hotxhkis kit as it “seems” to hit my mark , however without a good starting point or photo reference of another car I’m hesitant to buy it - it advertises 2inch drop up front and 3inch rear drop.
3- am I missing something or is there more info needed to get some good opinions And advice from the veterans in the forums ?
4- if you have a 67-68 and have bought the Hotchkis kit or similar would you mind sharing the photo and tire OD?
Lastly - I drive this a lot in the spring/summer/fall - it’s not a garage Queen I would like to have better handling and less bounce and body roll!
Thanks !
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this is when I had a 3” front and back Hotchkis drop leafs and springs.
17” torque thrust
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Then with 18”
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

it worked fine, even autocrossed with this setup a handful of times before I tubbed it and went to a torque arm suspension.
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thanks for sharing ! Car looks awesome !!
On the 80015-2 kit-

did you use the 2 inch lowering springs , and also add 2 inch lowering spindles ?
Also, can you let me know your front tire size and the measurement from the center hub to wheelwell lip ?
Do not use lowering spindles on your Camaro.
Front and back, I used 3” drop.
get 0.5” or 1” tall upper ball joints.
tall lower tie rods
3” drop front an back.
Good alignment with at least 1 deg. Neg camber
And 5+ caster.
Subframe connectors,
good tires.
Go around corners real Fkn fast. I did.
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