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I got an OER tach in dash and a Summitt electronic distributor and CD Coil. I also got the console gauges and the Autowire kit for the gauges. This is in a 67 camaro.
The old OER tach quit working after 1 year. It had a tach filter on it.
I replaced the tach with a new one from OER and tried it without the filter. NO WORK. I sent the filter in for testing.
these are my questions.
When the car was converted with the console gauges and wiring from AutoWire how does the tach get its signal from the CD Coil? There is a tan wire in the #1 slot on the dash connector into the dash gauges.

Is there a way to test that tan wire with engine running to see if I am getting a signal or power and where is it coming from? I put a volt meter on the #1 tan wire and get no needle movement on my volt meter?

Will the tach not work at all without a filter?

Trying to find out why old tach quit working and new tach does not work. The ground to the dash gauges is good. Dash lights work. Mylar on the back of the dash gauges from#1 slot to tach is good conductivity. Just can't seem to find out why I have no power or signal from the tan wire on plug to dash or where it goes from there to test conductivity
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