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I recently found a 1995 z28 Camaro under some oak trees. Sitting there with four flats and completely covered in leaves. I spoke with the owner and he was convinced it was some special car and was going to be worth $10,000 someday.
After a month of showing him it was just a regular 4th gen F body I finally got it at a reasonable price. After extensive cleaning and a couple thousand dollars of repairs I have the car looking and running quite well. My problem is the check engine light. I have a OBD 11 connection but all the garages say if should be a OBD 1 being a 1995 and the code reader for 1996 (earliest year) is a OBD 11 I tried reading it as a 1996 and they wouldn't connect, and there is no paper clip way shown on Youtube to jump a OBD 11 connection. So how do I get the code and clear this off my dash. ??
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