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Hi Doug. The program assigns the Tech designation after 30 posts. When you hit 100 then the Senior is added.
Moderators are members who have an interest (and time) to keep an eye on a forum by removing old topics which are not of value for archiving, moving topics to the most appropriate forum as required and generally keeping things smooth.

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And we have to go through an extremely rigorous screening process, consisting of:

-no less than 40 hours of general automotive knowledge testing
-no less than 60 hours of general F-body knowledge testing
-demonstrated reconditioning of no less than 4 GM products in a 6 month period
-a family member/relative must have at least seen the Internet at some point in their lives
-experienced computer mouse user
-must be able to sit for extended periods of time, preferrably alone
-must be able to spend endless hours on the Internet without losing your job
-must be willing to expose one's backside during TC get-togethers
-must own a cell phone in order to be contacted by 'the boss' at all hours of the day and night
-must have a family or spouse that does not require one of their parents or better half at all times
-must own at least one tool that is self-made and be able to demonstrate it's successful use
-must enjoy soap-operas ;)
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