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Hey, Kevin I just noticed why would you even need overdrive with 3.08's? If your car is nice which I am sure it is are you really going to want to take it on the freeway? I would keep your car original and cruise it that way. It is alittle work to change it to an overdrive and then you have to change it back when the time comes. I am going to put the TCI in an 87 z28 I am getting tomorrow. Since I am not selling it anymore I can tell you the real story without you feeling I am trying to sell my 2004r from TCI as opposed to a private builder. ANyway like I said in the email make sure it is built correctly. Not just anyone can build a 2004r or 700r4 correctly. These were weak transmissions in stock form even the factory V8 versions crapped out at 50k. And just because a small shop throws in a few heavy duty parts that alone doesn't fix the weak areas of these transmissions. Remember if you are having one built at a small shop they will use a junkyard core with unkown miles of wear and cracks( YES cracks in the input shaft that are to small to see, how about internal vibration, poor quality torque converters etc.) The large companies like Bowtie, TCI, B&M have specialized eqipment to check these parts and often times have all brand new input shafts etc that are forged etc. There are like 50 upgardes that need done to make one of these solid. And the local shops don't do it. Like I said before the TCI was in my GTO for 8k behind a 350 horse 400cui no problems. When I still had that car I was working on my 68 chevelle and wanted to save money so I had the local shop build me a 700r4 and place it in my 68 chevelle.I paid 1500 for th etransmission. My chevelle is a 396 with 350 hp. It seemed fine at first super smooth etc. Two weeks later it started popping out of gear and slipping. So I took it back the built it again and this time the car would have a harmonic vibration on the freeway. Needless to say all of that labor I spent in and out lost! They refunded my money thank god. It was not the quality of the TCI. So then I put a bowtie overdrive in my chevelle a 700r4 since I already had the fabbed crossmemberand driveshaft. It works really well but the step first gear in the 700r4 makes it pretty touchy to drive. Its either grandma driving or balls out! I did however step up to the stage two model for the extra Horsepower capacity and stronger internal parts. SO it does shift firm. Had I known that I would be selling my GTO a year later and the guy would have only wanted the T4oo in it I would have yanked the 2oo4r out of the GTO and put it in my chevelle. Good luck on your camaro, that is my two cents. I would stay stock. You cant ruin the tarns that is in the car anyway. If it starts slipping one day get it rebuilt for 500.00. It will still be numbers matching. STAY original and save the money. Buy your wife a tennis bracelet!!! Oh yea I will putting my numbers matching T400 back in my chevelle shortly. This is all just my own experience and not meant to upset anyone so if I offended anyone I am sorry. One more thing if your car has a powerrglide cant you just put a T350 in it? ALot less work .
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