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Due to the lobe bevel, Flat Tappet Lifters keep the cam centered and prevent walking. All Chevys will walk a Roller Cam forward due to the angle at which the lifter bores are machined.

To set up a Roller cam, the forward stop, Anti-Cam Device, must be fixed so that the Roller Lifters track in the center of the cam lobs or approximately as close to center as you can get them to center when the engine is rotated. NOTE that it only takes a revolution or 2 for the cam to walk completely forward. Now you will note that there may be as much as a 1/8" space between the back of the Cam Sprocket and the Face of the Cam Boss on the block, this space may vary pending manufacturer of Cam Sprocket. The problem here is not preventing the cam from walking forward but for what ever reason preventing the cam from suddenly bouncing back which may cause a lifter to catch an adjacent lobe, breaking the distributor gear or possible knocking out the Cam Plug on the rear on the block.

.040" is the approx recommended travel for a Roller cam. The space between the Rear of the Cam Sprocket and Cam Boss on the block will have to be shimmed. I personally do not trust Torrington Bearing Spacers as I've seen the needle like pieces totally destroy an engine when they fail. I shim this space stacking as many as 3 Solid Hardened Steel Spacers that are Moly-Lubricant Impregnated. These shims called "Wear Plates" and made by Morrosso, Comp Cams, Crane ... etc.

I also drill a 1mm hole in the Front Oil Plug on the Psgr Side lifter Gallery to lubricate the Timing Gears and any additional bearings associated with Anti-Cam Walk Devices or Gear Driven Cams.

I hope this helps.
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