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Transmission Seal Leak

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Just bought a 95 Camaro for a daily driver. Has a 3.4L V6 with 107K miles. Seen some definite use, but all things wrong are easily repairable. My biggest concern is a transmission fluid leak from the rear where the yoke leaves the transmission. I believe its a worn rear seal. The replacement seal is $2. How easy is it to remove this seal and replace it? Does it involve special tools? Will I have to drain the transmission fluid? Any help would be appreciated.
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Not hard to change, but, one has to be careful to not srcatch the bore the seal is installed in.

You should park the car with front end down the incline, block the front wheels, so you would not have to drain the trans, not really an issue, but doesn't hurt.

Remove driveshaft from rear yoke and pull it out of trans. Duct tape the caps to the U-joint. Don't allow the caps to fall off the rear U-joint as all the little needle bearings will fall out. If they do, all is not lost. Pick all of them up, and along with the mating cap, clean all the parts. Make sure there is no foreign material either on the bearings and in the cap. Pack the inner circumference with a good bearing grease and install the needle bearings. When done, there should a continuous circumference of needle bearings against the inside of the cap. If the rubber boot fell off, put it back on the cap. Now, slide the caps onto the U-joint and duct tape both caps to the U-joint. Don't let the slip yoke, the front one, hit or slide on the concrete as this will tear the new seal.

At this point look at the slip yoke where the trans seal sldies upon. If it depply grooved and scored, the yoke will need replacing along with the U-joint. If not continue.

Pull out the old seal by either prying across it with a large long screwdriver or minimize its diameter with the same screwdriver and a hammer, then remove the seal. You may want to clean the bore with some BraKleen or lacquer thinner and maybe emery paper any scratches in the bore.

You might take some Gaskacinch, RTV, or gasket sealer, and coat the inside bore of the housing. Place the new seal onto the housing and the best way to install it is with a length of PVC pipe the same diameter and with hammer, tap the seal into place. Sometimews with no bearing installer, use the hammer and tap around the circumference of the seal and set the new seal in place in small steps. Don't lose patience, as the seal housing can bend and warrant it to be replaced again.

Once the seal is replaced and at the correct depth, install driveshaft. Lube the yoke with some type of lube, pull out the trans dipstick and transfer the ATF from the dipstick to the yoke, may have to do this several times. Use your finger.

If yoke is scored, then you might want to take the shaft to a driveshaft shop and have them replace it and the U-joint. In either case, spray some clashing paint on the trear U-joint so you may get the correct hales aligned together upon reassembly. Doesn't matter, as they should be separately balanced, but why ;eave yourself open?

As you can read, it snowballs. Good luck, not a hard job, but you should be aware of the job you're doing.
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