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I ordered some trim pieces and have a couple questions.

On the soft seal door weatherstrip pieces I'm trying to figure out wether screws or plugs go at both ends of the weatherstrip. There are two small holes at the door opening and I think one at the door hinge area. There are some small black plugs with threads but it doesn't seem right so I was wondering what was correct.

I ordered OER tail light bezels because my originals had some pitting. When I went to change the white and red plastic pieces and backing over to the news ones I discovered that there are no threads on the OERs. Do they have to be threaded with bigger screws or is there another attachment to mount them?

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The push in plugs are correct
Hi Kerry. I just removed my '69 seals and the end closest to the cowl used screws. Was this just a '69 thing? The handle end used the plugs.

Tony, the nuts are self threading as they go on.
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