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I'm trying to put together a set of console gauges for my car. I have OEM fuel, ammeter, and temp gauges, and lenses. The rest of the parts, including the oil gauge I now suspect, is resto parts.

I have several questions and a couple of stumbling blocks I need help to figure out. I have looked at photos of supposed oem gauges on ebay to get an idea of how things go together, but I'm finding some discrepancies.

My hardware kit came with short ground wires. One connects the two gauge plates together. The only way I see to use it to run the wire on the top of the gauges, but under the exterior cover. Is that correct?

My temp gauge is a used oem gauge. It came with one resistor that goes between the vertical posts (at least it seems to and that's how the gauge came to me). Then there is a ceramic insulator that goes over it between the two horizontal posts. The ceramic insulator has a cutout portion in the middle which seems to exist to bridge over the factory resistor, so that part seems to make sense.

One of the vertical factory posts for the resistor has a fiber washer to insulate something. My guess is it is supposed to go under the resistor to insulate that end from grounding on the mounting plate. The installation kit has a short wire going to one end (the other I assume) of that same resistor and grounding to the mounting plate. I'm just not sure of all this, though.

Excuse me if I haven't made a good description of things here. Can anyone point me to some detailed info on how things are actually supposed to be?

Also, the hardware kit (OER) came with six push nuts to hold the gauge bezels and lenses to the top housing. There are 12 little tapered rectangular studs, so I guess I must choose three on each assembly to use. The big problem I'm running into there is that the pushnuts supplied are too wide to fit on the posts in the narrow confines of the housing. How do I deal with that? What did the factory use there?

I appreciate any help and info to get this jigsaw puzzle together right! Thanks! Scott
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