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Here’s an idea to rain on the TT sellers business a little.

Maybe it might at least help more people find out that they have been shafted with a fake car before the seller gets too far from them or it might save buyers who are less knowledgeable from making a huge mistake.

What if all site members compiled a LOOSE or SOLD TT database/catalog that would be available at all future shows/events/auctions.
I bet it would fit on a single CD for each year.
Just list the photos in sequential body number order or by build date if the BDY # is “hidden”.
It could easily be made available to judges, contestants, and buyers by simply having it on a laptop.

It is just a thought.
I have around 30 tag pics to donate if anyone wants to check for new ones.


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I still have some others to post and some of the 67 tags links wont allow for them to be elarged but im working on that. I get about 3 emails a week from people wanting to buy some of them. some i do have but the majority are ones I copied from Ebay and some of the other auctions that were for sale. some were on what I would consider PARTS CARS ONLY and I went and posted them as well.
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