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Okay, in troubleshooting my horn, I took off my steering wheel and got all the way down to the turn signal assembly. On this assembly, I noticed it had a pin with a spring behind it.

In testing the spring, I depressed the pin all the way back into the plastic housing. Guess what, in won't spring back out of the housing. The spring appears good. I think it might have locked in the plastic housing.

How do I get the rod out of the housing? I imagine it has to press against the plate above it for a good signal.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I believe it is held in by a wire or a clip attached to a wire on the back side.
The spring conducts power to ground at the horn button. If too much current get's run through this circut the spring will melt losing tension.

You can get it out if you are careful. Disconnect the battery before trying.

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