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I purchased a 1969 Camaro 2 years ago with a 400 SBC that was supposedly dyno'd at 580 HP NA. The previous owner took it to the drag strip once and said he ran a low 11.xx 1/4 mile time with poor 60' times. The engine was built around 2005 and has ~ 1500 miles of which I put 750 miles on it myself. I would like to go with a LS based engine that would be a more streetable setup. The components to build this engine without machining or labor would cost ~$16,800 today. I am thinking about selling the complete engine air cleaner to oil pan, accessories to flexplate for $8500. Does this sound reasonable?

Disclaimer: The parts listed below is a close approximation of the BOM but may not be the exact part numbers.

Part No.DescriptionQty.Unit PriceTotal
84031/21World Products Motown Cast Iron Block 4.125" Bore1$3,039.18$3,039.18
Main bearings1$75.00$75.00
Melling oil pump & pickup1$60.00$60.00
4-400-375-6000Scat 4340 Forged Crank1$694.99$694.99
CRS6000B3DEagle 6.000" 'ESP' H Beam Connecting 4340 Forged Rods with ARP 8740 Rod bolts1$449.00$449.00
Rod bearings1$75.00$75.00
231319SSRP Pistons, 4032 Forged Aluminum, 4.125"Bore, +16cc inverted dome pistions, 1.125" Compression height1$716.99$716.99
272-RHIsky Red Zone Roller lifters, set of 161$734.99$734.99
12-823-14Comp Cams, Mechanical Roller 0.900" base circle Duration @0.050 252/258 0.4210"/0.4200" 106 Degree LSA1$529.95$529.95
Cam bearings1$30.00$30.00
Timing Chain1$100.00$100.00
1604-16Comp Cams Roller Rockers 1.52, Set of 81$439.95$439.95
1805-8Comp Cams Roller Rockers 1.60, Set of 81$287.95$287.95
stud girdles1
1008102Brodix Track 1 215 heads, 2.08"/1.60"1$2,842.18$2,842.18
134-3601ARP head bolts1$85.00$85.00
1406Fel-Pro exhaust gaskets1$23.99$23.99
1004Fel-pro head gaskets1$46.99$46.99
1206Felpro Intake gaskets1$20.99$20.99
2975Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake1$392.95$392.95
85551MSD Pro Billet SBC Distributor1$316.76$316.76
8202MSD Blaster II Coil1$59.38$59.38
6425MSD 6AL1$305.06$305.06
31189MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Plug wires1$120.56$120.56
AR-3934Autolite Spark plugs8$5.99$47.92
9-221Cloye's Two piece Timing Chain Cover1$135.99$135.99
9483Trans-dapt Aluminum Water pump pulley1$83.99$83.99
8811Edelbrock water pump1$298.95$298.95
SS415-1ALSuper Sucker 1" Carb spacer1$117.99$117.99
6095AED Braided fuel line kit1$73.99$73.99
AED 4150 Carb 750HO1$639.95$639.95
Sum-G1327Summit dual return spring kit carb1$13.13$13.13
6057Trans-dapt crank pulley1$106.99$106.99
Milodon Deep oil pan1$300.00$300.00
917781ATI Super Damper1$303.24$303.24
10185064Chevrolet Cast valve covers ??1$859.40$859.40
2131-1HKRHooker Super Comp longtube ceramic coated1$937.76$937.76
6059Alternator Pulley1$57.99$57.99
20120March Alternator Mount kit1$94.99$94.99
power steering pump1$150.00$150.00
8934PS pump pulley1$72.99$72.99
20145Power Steering Mount kit1$100.99$100.99
230106Earl's inline fuel filter, 6AN 35 micron1$40.19$40.19
12-803Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator1$37.07$37.07
15632Aeromotive fuel gauge 1-1/2", 15 psi1$42.70$42.70
661960Russell -6AN cap1$5.99$5.99
66-3040K&N Air filter1$199.95$199.95
85-3549K&N Air filter base1$43.95$43.95
670340Russell Fuel pressure takeoff adapter1$15.99$15.99
3.1117Energy suspension motor mounts1$54.71$54.71
Moroso Chrome crankcase air breather1$29.99$29.99
SFI Flexplate1$75.00$75.00

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Thanks , for all the great feedback. Funny thing is I originally thought $6000-$6500 listing price until I tried to figure out what to list it for and try to sell it. Then when I figured out how much it would cost to just by the parts, I felt like hey maybe it would be worth 50% but I keep finding myself on the fence of putting fuel injection and cam on this engine which is loaded with good parts or trading/purchasing for a less hp LS engine. Then there is all the brackets, oil pan, headers and maybe a cam, LS7 lifters, trunion upgrade, AFM delete, lifter trays, programming computer or Holley system. I took it for a spin this weekend and the throttle response is awesome. Still on the fence but again all great input.

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