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I dont know what to say about the price but I would be more inclined to change the camshaft and install EFI and be done with it. As near as I can tell from the part numbers its only about 10 to 1 compression which is perfect for the street. Plus you already have all of the bolt on stuff, headers, brackets etc etc etc. Looks like a really nice engine and the car is all set up for it. I know everyone seems to want to go LS but in this case it does not make sense. You could get a smaller solid roller cam or go hydraulic roller if you prefer. Add Holley EFI and drive it forever :) :)

Just my opinion,
I can 2nd the EFI. I got EFI on my car and i no longer had all these issues with carb in different spots on the throttle pedal depending on where i was driving/how i was driving. I was so over that.
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