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I've come to a conclusion today. Maybe it will save somebody a headache.

There are apparently two different companies that make replacement turn-signal cams (the plastic piece the turn signal lever attaches, inside the steering column).

There's one that is white plastic that doesn't fit well. It's not quite big enough to reach the 'clips' that hold the cam in place. I've purchased two of these in the last couple of years and neither was good. The blinker lever would always be loose and sloppy, though it does work to a degree. I believe I purchased these cam from Rick's, from whom I purchase most my parts.

Then there's the other cam made elsewhere. It's white plastic as well, but it's more opaque plastic. It's almost identical to the origianl GM. It's sold by different companies, but I found one at Pep Boys for my 69; HELP (product line) part number 49303.

Side by side, the two parts are a bit different.

If you're going to pull the steering wheel and get into the column, don't waste your time with the cam that's solid white plastic; you'll be sorry. Get the one that's opaque white plastic.

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