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Hi All
Went looking for pictures as to how the Rear lighting Plug/ Disconnect - "Fisher Body Plug" (Brake, Parking, Dome light, Turn and Fuel Sending unit) actually fit in the Bracket for my 69.

It just seemed like the Bracket was too small and I couldn't find any that showed that Clip.

My Son and I took things apart not Realizing the 5 Years in between disassemble and reassembly – things got forgotten.

As most Posts tell you to Take more Pictures than you need, you might catch a view of a Screw Head or Direction that Circuit Breaker is mounted in my case, all very helpful.

I spend as much time searching the Net for Pictures as It takes to install the part sometimes !

After I plugged the connector, I fed the Harness in between the open flanges in the Bracket welded to the Cowl towards the Front of the car and then pulled it Back into place.

That bracket at the Forward end is spaced off a little bit and that Steel Spring Clip slides over the Mount Bracket. Don’t really see that in the AIM.



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