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hey i have been watching the whats it worth part of the forum and finally am going to ask what everyone thinks mine is worth

1968 camaro originally a green and green with black vinyl top 327 base model car

currently it has a mid 70's built 355 ( camel hump heads roughly 10:1 compression with a decent cam)

i have a th 350 with stall speed and 3.73 gears ( in a mid 70's camaro 10 bolt posi)

the floors and trunk floor has been replaced , new subframe bushings and i converted it to a 69 and up 1 piston power disc brakes( was manual drums)

the entire front suspension was rebuilt and the rear leaf's were replaced

the body has been painted for almost 20 years before that the car had the pass fender replaced (new gm ) and both of the quarters ( how ever the drivers side was hit and wrinkled and mudded back together) along with the tail pan( can tell unless you are looking for it )the paint still looks good from 20 + feet. No rust through just some bubbles on the bottoms of the doors

i have done a full conversion to rally sport with the exception of the actuators ( i open them manually ) and the backup lights

the interior

i have put in a new headliner dash pad and front door panels

the front seats are out of a more comfortable car ( cant really recall what )

back seat is stock

i am just curious what everyone thinks of its value

it now has 15x7 centerlines on the front

side shot with 92 camaro wheels on it


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12-14k Market
16-18K appraisal/insurance/dealer
Your "full conversion to rally sport" is only about 1/2 way there, and you need to add RS lower moulding to the list.
What are you thinking it is worth?

with the doors bubbling i dont want to do that yet

how ever i would eventually like to put that on the car

as far as what i was thinking i had thought maybe 8k but didnt know for sure

my brothers car would be worth a heck of alot more than mine then
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