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Well, I have been puzzling over my number 8 cyl. Spark plug threads have oil on them and when changing the exhaust system, there was fresh oil inside the exhaust manifold.

Then it hit me
even though these are fresh heads from a very good shop, the seals are bad.

I then realized, I did it. :mad: The heat riser valve was not opening properly, thus creating a lot of back pressure in the exhaust on that side. It probably killed the seals.

Now that it is almost time to put her away, I should change the seals.

I have never had to do that yet. Most times I just had the whole head redone (cause everything was shot). But now I have to with the engine together.

What is the best procedure? I do not have the air adapter, do I use rope? But how? I do have the valve compressor tool from my Dad.

Any hint or tricks will be greatly appreciated!

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This is what I have done. I bring the piston up to TDC on the cylinder to be worked on then backit off it a little. Feed in the rope (I use parachute cord) then bring the piston up until the rope makes contact (you will feel it) with the top of the head and valves. Remove the valve spring and replace your seals.

I like using the crank style spring compressor that clamps to the spring and compresses it, not the lever style that is used in conjunction with the rocker stud.

Use care and take your time, have a magnet handy to get the keepers out when removing the springs this will make it alot easyier to ge them and assist in not loosing them.

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