I have a VaporWorx Fuel Pump Controller for a supercharged LSA engine. The part number is PWZL1TM3B-23.
It will control an AC Delco MU2101 fuel module along with others.

A new one will cost about $443.00

I installed the unit but never powered up the module. I am selling it because I decided to go with a LT4 engine.
All of the components included the kit except the wire that goes from the fuel pump module to the controller. The wiring harness that connects to the fuel pump can be bought on Amazon and various other places. It is a GT280 harness that costs about $13.00.

I cut this $13.00 original harness to remove the fuel level wires.

Here are some photos:

A lot of the parts are still in the original bags.
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This is the wiring harness that goes to the MAP sensor. It was never installed.

Bicycle part Rim Cable Gas Wire

This is the wiring harness that connects the fuel pressure sensor to the controller. It was installed. It is 63 inches long. The wires are terminated.

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Gas Electric blue Engineering Auto part Heat-shrink tubing

The above transducer was installed in my car and later removed to be sold.
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Here are some photos of the controller:

All the bolts and washers are present.
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The inline fuse harness is included and was never used.

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I made this little cover for the controller to protect the 12 Volt Dc terminals. You can use it if you want to or throw it away.

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