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VariShock double adjustable coilover shocks

I have a pair of VariShock double adjustable coilover shocks PN VAS-11211-515 for sale. These shocks list for $698 a pair, I will sell these for $500 for the pair plus shipping. Also included in this sale are a pair of 12-175 springs and a set of eight 1/8" tapered shock mount spacers which are required in order to fit a 1 1/4" wide shock mount.

These shocks/springs were supplied with my G-Link rear suspension kit and there is nothing wrong with them at all. I just wanted to install a matched set of shocks front and rear and was unable to find a suitable match that would also fit my DSE subframe.

You can view the complete specs for these shocks here:

PM if interested.

Asking Price: $500.00
Condition: Excellent

City: Fredericksburg
State: VA
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