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Vin and cowl tag different?

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Hey guys I've got a quick question for the experts. My 1969 camaros vin says my car is an inline six. However, the cowl tag has the series 24 on it indicating it was a v-8. Am I missing something or did this happen occasionally. The car is an X-11, and all crg says about that is that it was not an ss or a z. If needed I can post the two tags. My hidden vins also say inline. Which one is right?
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from what i understand, the vin has to start out 12337 for a 6 cyl coupe car or 12437 to be a v8 coupe car. the cowl tag will always be either 12437 for a coupe car or 12467 for a convertible car. the cowl tag just tells you its a coupe or convert. car. not engine size. hope this helps
Go ahead and post the cowl tag. You have a original 6 cyl car with the X11 style package. I have 1 of them too. No need to post the Vin tag if it starts with 12337.
Ok so just so I understand what this car was what does the X11 mean? And also your saying that it doesn't matter if the cowl tag starts with 12437? It still is a inline if the vin says it is? Thanks for all your help, I was just curious about this old beater.
X11 is only a style trim and nothing more. If the VIN plate on the dash has a 3 instead of a 4 where the third digit goes than the car was originally a 6 cylinder instead of an 8 cyl. Example 123379N530621 = 6 cyl. 124379N530621 = V8. If it was a LOS or Van Nuys tag it would read 123379L530621 for 6 cyl and 124379L530621 for V8

The cowl tag will read 124379 for hard top and 12467 for convertible.

Check this out for more info.

If your car was a 6cyl, which it was based on the VIN plate on the dash it was not an SS. Don't let that get you down. Enjoy your car and have fun with it. A friend of mine who had a muscle car originally equipped with a 6 cyl once said, do you think most guys & gals at the race track, on the street, at a drive in, or looking at my car at a show care if it came with a 6cyl, a 307, 327 or 350.....
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South Side, I'm too far down the road to worry if its an ss or not! I bought the car because it was an original inline 6 as I had full intentions of modding it. I posted this because I wanted to be completely sure I wasn't cutting on an originally rare camaro. Its actually a relief to me that it was nothing special when it came out of the gates.

Thanks again guys your great!
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