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Not sure what the problem is here...

I'm in the process of putting my 68 back together, and ran into a problem with my water pump doesn't line up! Whoever put the 327 in it years ago (original 6 cyl. car) put some kind of crazy pulley system on it with more pulleys than the car needed. I added power steering and decided to go with original type crank pulley with add-on power steering pulley. No AIR or AC...just alt and PS. The pulley sits too far back (about 1/2"-3/4). I have the short style water pump...if I had the long style, it would probably line up perfectly!

Any suggestions?

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I have info on my suspension page below with part numbers and photos of the pulleys.
The Z/28 deep groove pulleys are the best way to go.

Check my web page for First Gen Camaro suspension info:
David's Motorsports page
First Gen Suspension Page
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I just posted this in Engines, but another post won't hurt, right?

Here are some numbers and dimensions for a 67 327 with stock short water pump:

Water Pump pulley
Single groove 3905995: 7 1/16" dia., 2 3/4" depth (There will be no interference between belts and the extension crank pulley for PS.
Double groove 3890419: A/C pulley that I saw in the Assembly manual, have no measurements.
Double groove 3900434_AB: 7 1/8" dia., 2 3/4" depth (CA smog cars. Won’t work well, will have interference between water pump pulley and belt going to PS pump).
Triple groove xxxxxxx: 6 3/8” diam., 2 13/16” depth (This is the stock A/C pulley. I’m running this one with a 44” belt around water pump, PS, and crank extension pulleys. This gives me two belts around the water pump instead of one, but only one around the PS pump. I’ve can’t see the number while it is mounted. Possibly number is 3906657. ).

Crank Pulleys:
Single groove 3755820: I bet a single groove flush mount pulley will except the extension PS pulley below!
Double groove inner 3850838_BG: 7 ¼” dia., 1 ¼” depth (inner groove is flush with mounting holes, ie. No bell shape. This is the one I’m using on both 67’s)

Extension single groove PS pulley 3751232BB: 6 5/8” dia., 1 13/16” depth (This is the one I’m using on both 67’s).

Like I wrote above, the single groove crank pulley might/should accept the extension PS pulley and like any inner crank pulley, it should have two opposing holes with slight cone protrusions to engage two larger orientation holes in the extension pulley for PS.

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