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For John or Kevin or others who might know, While on our trip to the Seattle Chevy show, on Wed. my Alt. amp guage in the console started to run at +20, about half way to the 40 reading. All we had on was the car, low speed fan and cell phone plugged into the cig. lighter. I pushed the fan to high and the reading came down a little but never back to Center or Zero where it normally runs. Then on Wed. night after filling up with gas, it ran at Zero and all day Thur. at Zero like Im used to seeing.... what caused that to read 20 for about 8 hours of driving?
I have a newly rebuilt 71AMP alternator.

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The ammeter is actually a volt meter. It's measuring the voltage drop across a piece of wire. Since the meter (I hope) is tied:
One leg to the block next to the battery.
Other leg to the horn relay/alernator.
The meter is measuring the drop along that wire. The voltage drop along that wire is very small. If you were to take your voltmeter and measure:
1, The junction block to ground.
2, The horn relay postive wire to ground.
you would hardly see any difference in the reading even with the best meter. That is, very little voltage drop = "0" reading.
Guessing if it acts up one of the wire connections is poor.
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