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Here are a set of spiral shocks that a local guy offered to me. I do not think the part number is for a 69 Z , which is what I need, but can anyone tell me what they are for and what they are worth?


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Here's a past post by Jonesy......

Jonesy said:
I tried to look this up in my GM parts book and found out that the whole section on shocks is missing :mad: . Here is a partial listing and it doesnt say which is front or rear:

3192477 - 1969 Base, F41, L35, L48, L78 and Z28 - coded PS and PW
3192826 - 1969 Base, F41, L34, L35, L48, L72, L78, L89 and Z28 - coded TG
3192831 - 1969 Base coded TM
3192832 - 1969 L34, L35, L72, L78, L89 coded TN
3192851 - 1969 w/F41, L34, L35, L72, L78, L89 and Z28 coded UN

I have a set of original NOS spirals and they are
3192814 for the fronts
3192813 for the rear

I have a SS 350 with multileafs.
I dont know if this is any help for you.
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