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I finished up another resto and was wondering if any one has or knows of the correct decal that the factory put on the rear of the leaf spring. I have search many aftermarket catalogs and non list a '69 mono spring car. Any help would be greatful.


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I need the following info:

Convertible or Coupe
Engine displacement
Transmission type

Does your car have any of the following:

A31 - Elect windows
A67 - Fold Down Rear Seat
B37 - Floor Mats (front only)
B37 - Floor Mats (front and rear)
CO6 - Electric Conv top
c-8 - Vinyl Top
C60 - Air Conditioning
D55 - Console
D80 - Spoiler Equipment
J50 - Power Brakes
N10 - Dual Exhaust
N40 - Power Steering
N65 - Space Saver Spare
T60 - Hvy Duty Battery
U57 - Tape Player
U63 - AM Radio
U69 - AM/FM Radio
U79 - Stereo (multiplex?)
VO1 - Heavy Duty Radiator V8
V31 - Front Bumper Guard
V32 - Rear Bumper Guard
VE3 - Endura Bumper
Z22 - RS package
Z28 - Perf package

Weight of the options determined the spring code. Let me know what your car had and I can determine the spring code front or rear.

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I came up with a BQ code.
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