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I just dealt with this same question. MSD recommends .050 to .060 for compressions up to 10.5:1. I set mine at .050 to be on the safe side. They say it's only a starting point and there isn't a one size fits all with this. You will just have to mess around with the performace and what the plugs look like when checked. I heard once that the larger the gap, the harder it is on the system, but I'm not sure. You are using all MSD you I think you will be fine. They aren't a johnny come lately company.
Well, I remember their FIRST product. Or attempt at a product. They were a 'start-up' with the name of Autotronics. They were developing a vibrating (piezoelectric) plate that would sit under the fuel stream as it was metered from some sort of injector. The whole thing sat were a carb would. Hotrod ran a story about them around 1972-3ish. I really wanted that system but all they would sell was their next product; a multiple spark discharge spark amplifier.:( Johnny come lately huh? Wonder what that makes me?;)
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