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Where to buy interior paint

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I have searched the posts and have not seen anything on where to buy paint for interior. I have a 69 original deluxe interior. Originally medium red, the previous owner painted or dyed it black. Now the interior is black and red. That is, the black paint did not last.

I have an air compressor and a spray gun, so I was planning to use it, rather than a spray can. Any suggestions on how to order or who to purchase the correct interior color paint to use with a spray gun? I want to go black.
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Any automotive paint store should be able to mix some up for you. There are two different colors for the interior in terms of percentage of gloss that the paint will have. This chart will show which parts get painted with which paint.
It is hard to read because it's kind of fuzzy. The paint store may even have this same chart that you can have them photocopy for you.
I bought the spray cans for my interior and they worked out great. Good color match too. Most resto shops carry them like Ground Up and Ricks First Gen.
I only did the top of the dash and steering wheel and back package tray tho. If you are going to spray the whole interior then local auto paint store should be able to custom mix you up what you need.
i used the rattle can stuff from oer, i was real pleased with the results, i did all the hard surfaces that were interior color originally (medium blue), somebody did a hellacious job of painting them body color. i was actually quite surprised how well it looks, it lays down real nice in fact.
i was skeptical of the bomb can at first, but unless your doing a 100% correct resto, i would not hesitate to use it.
Thank you for all of your advise. I reference document sheet is great KYVOX! I guess I am still uncertain as to how to get the paint supply house to match a color that I don't have a color of. I guess I would need to buy one spray can, paint something, and then get them to match it.....
Give them interior color code from your trim tag and their cross reference books can show them the numbers they need.
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Thanks Click. I have the codes. What cross reference book would have the colors illustrated?
The chart above has trim tag codes and their coresponding colors. If the paint store has some old books, they might have interior color chips. I thought you wanted to go with black.
The folks at DuPont Automotive paints have a realy good "hobby" help line. They are just up the street and I have a neighbor that works there, so I don't have the number handy, but I'll get it. You ought to be able to get it off their web site (

If you call them with the codes off that paint sheet, they can give you the correct code for their paint. That's how I will be getting the DuPont numbers for the black interior paint and Cortez Silver for 1969; my car is many months from worrying about that, so I haven't gotten the codes.

I would assume that most every paint manufacturer does something similar, so if you know what you can get locally, you may be able to call that manufacturer.
Team Camaro, Kyvox and Eric, many thanks! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Dan
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