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Weldons are good, and they generally are noisy. I've had good luck with Aeromotive, but you'd need the bigger unit, not the A1000. I used that on my procharged 540 and it worked very well. Rubber mounted, never heard it once the engine started, and pretty quiet without the engine running.

I would not recommend the BG EFI pumps, have had 3 friends try them and they all failed multiple times. There are other pumps that would work, but my experience has been with the Aeromotives.

One other option is a pair of Bosch pumps from the turbo cars. I know my current Chevelle has them and the Mule has the same and makes over 1000 hp. Bought them through Kinsler. One runs continuous and the second works under boost.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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