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I did look at many of the post here.
This is what I have and what i'm looking for
67 standard coupe,small block,iron heads. I completed the rear mono to multi leaf swap. I want the old school stance (higher) slightly more in the rear. This car was purchased as a roller. Previous engine was a big block .
The car still has the big block coils (so it seems) cause it sits like there is no engine at all.
Center front axle to fender opening is 16 inches as it now sits. I would like to find a spring that would drop the front a inch and a half to 14 1/2 inches. I don't care if its a little stiff.
Any one have a measurement and the number spring that worked for you. I do not have the space to pull the front springs and leave the car sit or else I would give the specs on the springs that are now in the car.
Other info : 275/60 15 Rear 225/60 15 Front:beers:
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