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Wild Hogs movie very good

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:hurray: Just saw Wild Hogs and that is one of the funniest movies Ive seen in a long time. Theater was full and at the end folks clapped, kinda rare these days to hear that.
Tim Allen, Wm Macy, Travolta and ?? cant remember his name, are awesome together. I hope they do WH2 and WH3 etc. Go see it guys.
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Previews looked good. Have to see when next day off is.
my wife has it on our list, hope to get there this weeknd, glad to hear it's as good as the commercials!
I saw it last night-we enjoyed it. Marisa Tomei looked fabulous in it,too!!
I just got home from seeing it with my wife and some friends! If it hadn't been so freakin' cold today we were going to ride over on the bikes. Being that it was a 65 mile ride and it was 35 degrees we decided to take the truck.

It was very funny! If we can get our schedules lined out me and a few buddies were planning a road trip for this summer. Ironically we were planning this before this movie was advertised. I have all the gear for a trip like this and think it would be great to do something like that. Spend a few nights in tents and then hit a motel a few times.
I wondered why they had an old Travolta movie on tonight??

Now I know..

I saw it last night-we enjoyed it. Marisa Tomei looked fabulous in it,too!!
I didn't see her in the trailers or previews!! Now I KNOW I'm going to see it!!
We were planning to see it this week or weekend anyway.
I should add, previews DONT tell you who else did cameo appearances, you will laugh and point at them. There are 3 that are .... ummm.... hehe.... 'have an interest in motorcyles'. Hope that doesnt give too much away. :)
Probably the funniest movie of the year. Wm Macy, typically doing drama was just too funny. A gotta see movie.
Good movie, I took the wife and kids on Saturday after lunch. I very rarely go to the movies but, when I saw the previews I knew I would like it. Worth the money to see it. I wouldn't recommend it for kis under 12 or so even though the theatre had a lot of younger kids in there. My son 12 and daughter 16 both really laughed and thought it was good. There is a little bit of language (not bad).
My wife made me take her to "The Queen" :sad:
But that Helen Mirren is a fox :D
Dang critics must be guys with coke bottle glasses that work in an office with no windows... Its the top grossing movie of the weekened.
Yahoo movie reviewers gave it a D+ but viewers like us, over 3000 by this morning, give it a B+ so the critics dont know their **** from a hole in the ground, AGAIN :)
I saw it last night-we enjoyed it. Marisa Tomei looked fabulous in it,too!!
Oh yes she did...:yes:
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