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will a Victor Jr. manifold on a Big Block fit under the hood?

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I'm building a Big Block motor on the stand and was wondering if an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake will fit under the hood of a 69 factory cowl hood with a NOS plate. By the way, it's going in a 67 with the correct BB engine and frame mounts. What air cleaner can I use?

Anyone running this manifold on a BB?
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I've got one on my 69 big block with the correct GM frame pads and a 14X3" drop base K&N filter set-up and it barely clears. But I'm running EFI and the throttle body is about an inch shorter than a carb so you would have to run an even shorter filter. Throw in a nitrous plate and I think you'll have problems getting a filter on there.

i'm running a weiand x-celerator intake, with a holley and carb heatshield and a moroso 14x3 air filter and that barely fits under the stock cowl hood, and i'm also running to correct big block mounts. it's going to be tight.
Bruce, how tall is your intake and how much clearence in left from ypur hood? Are you rinning a drop base air filter?
I'll have to get back to you on the height of the intake, but with a heat sheild, holley carb, and the moroso air filter, which is a drop base, there is, at least one inch, but no more the two inches. I'll try to find out what the height is.
If you want to check out this intake, go to
It states that the height in the front is
4-1/2" inches and in the rear, it's 6".
Hope that helps.

This is kind of silly but, can you stick a ball of clay on the center of your air cleaner and close the hood. This is the easiest way to measure hood clearance that I know of. I'm really interested in finding the actuall height.

The Victory Jr. is 5.9" tall, your's will measure 5.25" at the center. I'm stuffing a .5" NOS plate so, it'll be close, but I think i'll be OK. K&N makes a 2 3/4" drop air filter. So the total height of my set up is 5.9 + .5 = 6.4" subtract the .25" difference in the filter and I get 6.15". So my set up is 1" taller. You said there is atleast 1" but less than 2". Hopefully it'll fit. I'm crossing my fingers. The motor will not be done for a couple of months.

No one has ran this combo under a cowl hood yet and I'm trying to find out.

Thanks for your help Bruce, just rememder to pull the clay out before you drive!!!

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