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I have taken parts from an HEI Distributor and used them to made a Points Distributor into a "Small Body HEI". The conversion went very well except that I did not know how to "phase the rotor to the distributor cap" when I set (JB Welded) the pickup parts in place. When I got it together and tried it in the car I found that the rotor did not line up with the cap terminals and it caused crossfiring. I had read somewhere that one of the possible causes of the rotor being out of phase is reversed pickup wires. I went ahead and tried reversing the connections and it seems to have helped quite a bit. I don't have perfect rotor to terminal alignment, but it is much closer than with the wires hooked up "normally". I have driven several hours, with the wires reversed, with no apparent problems. Will it cause any problems if I leave the HEI Coil Pickup wires reversed permanently?

Thanks, Joel

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Yes this will make the rotor alignment off by over 20 degrees.
I accidentally reversed the leads on a vette tach drive dist with an MSD box for triggering. this uses a similar but larger version of the HEI pickup parts.
After about 10 minutes of running the engine would just shut off!
When it cooled down, it would run fine again.
I finally noticed the rotor was burnt a little on only one end.
I took an old cap and cut a window on the side to see where it was firing.
The orientation of the toothed outer ring will make a difference too. That might be your origonal problem which was corrected by you reversing the wires. You can "cheat" it around by moving the point plate in reference to the vac advance unit. You could make a new hole for the vac advance pin.
How did the parts from the HEI fit in the points dist?

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