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I used the search feature extensively, just so you know.

I have a basically stock '69. It has disc brakes from a '71 Chevelle.

I found a set of old Appliance slot mags. They are 14x7 measured at the bead sealing surface. They have 3.25" backspacing. There are no tires on them right now. I put a rim on the front and they clear the calipers and tie rod ends fine. They look like they may "stick out" a little too much. I am running something like a 215 70 tire. (not sure as the car is not handy.) Are these going to rub the outer fender lip?

I know the factory 14x7 rims had a 3.8" backspace. It also seems that the car can handle as much as 4" of rim outside of the hub mating surface. This is what I got from studying the search hits.

Also, when do you have to worry about bearing wear with regards to rim offset?

Thanks for the help,
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