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Hey There I hope someone can help me out with a couple small questions i have. I have a 95 Camaro, kind of a project car. 3.4L

I need to replace my alternator, but I can't find out how to get the old sob out. I don't really want to take it up to a shop because funds are very tight right now and you know about that economy... dam.. but anyway I've unscrewed 2 screws on the right and left bottom sides of it and one on the top back. is this it? am i missing something? It won't come up like a good little alternator, am i missing a screw?

Are there any good websites out there or books maybe at the library with information on painting cars? I was going to order the one from Jebs but thought I would see if anyone knew of any good ones first.

Also, the last most confusing and most pissing me off problem. I need to replace my door, i can do that fine but how in the heck do i get the window nob off? (window nob-rolls the window up and down..) I can not take the upholstry part off without the window nob off. Is there any special tool i need or some speical move i need to do? Please help

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this

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