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History - completely rewired the car from front to back. I have bought two pumps tried both they do not pump. Windshield wipers work. I have a new switch just in case, but not installed yet.


1. black wire on wiper motor bottom, black plug with yellow wire at the top light blue at bottom on wiper motor. Brown plug yellow wire at the top dark blue on the bottom to wiper pump. Do I have it connected properly ?

2. Steel cam gear connect to wiper motor, I could not get it off so I left it on and did not install the plastic one that came with the new pump. Is this a problem ?

3. Cam follower on the wiper pump does it go above the cam or below ?

4. If I have to replace the switch how do I get the knob off ? Do I just pull it or is there a trick ?

I liked to thank you guys for giving the me support we have in the past, this is the last step before safety after 3 months of working on the car. Without the support of this website I would not have come this far.
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