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Hey all lets pick a few brains.

94 3.4l

A while back I noticed the dome light in the car stopped working. Didn't think to much about it. Few months later I installed a radio in the car and noticed it was not getting power. Checked the fuse and replaced it, all seemed to be well. Few weeks passed and I noticed the radio and dome light stopped working, along with that annoying lights are still on bell. Went over to the fuse box and pressed on the fuse. Strangely the light flickered on and then off. From there I cleaned the fuse terminal and put a new fuse in. Worked again for a short period of time and the stopped working. This time when I checked the fuse, the hot side of the fuse had melted but not blown the fuse. I checked the terminals with my multi meter and now there is no power getting to that spot in the fuse box. Even stranger, the line coming off the back of the fuse box is not burnt or melted in any fashion.

Currently the dome light does not come on when the door opens or with the switch in the on position. The radio hot wire from the batter has no juice. The warning bell is not sounding.

Any clues as to where the problem might be? Tomorrow I am going to check the Retained Accessory Power Module. Also, I will check the switches on the door. Somehow I do not think these are the problem though. Under the hood all connections have been cleaned and refitted.
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