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I'm looking for information so I can fix the heated backlite switch on a 1995 Camaro for my 17 year old son. What I specifically need is the part number or size of the small diode that sits on the PC board contained inside the rear defroster switch. It is between the 2 capacitors which are between the plug in pins and the 8 pin IC. This one burned up and when I unsoldered it it broke into 2 halves. I can see A4 on one of the halves and I think the other half has N44 but I'm not sure. Also I would like to find out the size (watt, volt, current information ) of the light bulb next to the edge opposite the plug in pins.

Would this information (or a schematic of the board) be available in a factory manual for the 1995 Camaro? or available somewhere online?

If someone has a switch from an old 1995 Camaro parts car let me know

Please email me direct john_b__k at use @ between the k&l

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