Mileage:6800 M
Trim:Yenko tribute
I restored this car from 2015-2107. It started out as a base model 327 coupe. Now, it’s a Yenko tribute Camaro with a 427 and automatic transmission.

It was stripped down to bare metal, sandblasted and built back up cutting no corners.
What’s new on it ? Everything : Chevy crate ZZ427 motor, p
Fenders, rear Quarters, roof panel, hood, all new glass, all new electric/wiring , floor pans, wheel tubs, exhaust, moser rear end, carpet, headliner, sub-frame, upholstery. Everything is new except the main frame and the doors. Its painted island teal with white SS stripe. Classy color scheme with houndstooth interior.
If interested— I will forward photos/ videos and answer all questions.
send me a DM and I will respond asap. Thanks for looking